City of Columbiana Backflow Prevention Program


The City of Columbiana’s Backflow Prevention Program ensures clean and safe drinking water by preventing home or business water systems that may be subject to water flowing backward through pipes from contaminating the City’s water supply.

For information or to report suspected cross-connections please contact the Utility Office by calling 330-482-2173 option 1.

Backflow Test Reports

Report by Mail:
City of Columbiana
28 West Friend Street
Columbiana, OH 44408
Attn: Water Dept – Backflow

Report by Fax:

Report by Email:

[email protected]

Backflow Polices:


It is the policy of the City of Columbiana to require all businesses to have the minimum of a double check valve assembly backflow installed for containment purposes. If the degree of hazard is assessed to be higher, than a reduced pressure principle assembly must be installed as required by the Ohio Administrative Code. These assemblies are to be inspected annually by a plumber with a DOC backflow certification at the expense of the water consumer.

For Backflow Assembly Installation: Backflow assemblies must be installed by a plumber with a DOC Backflow Certification. It is also a requirement that the plumber be a registered plumber in Ohio and that a permit be issued.


Lawn Irrigation Systems

A Deduct Meter  (also known as irrigation meters) Program was implemented for those users of the City Water System that wish to irrigate their lawns. The meters must be obtained from the City of Columbiana Water Department and shall remain the property of the City of Columbiana. The cost of these meters, including installation and maintenance, is the sole responsibility of the property owner. The City will not release the meters until all costs have been paid and all inspections are complete. The owner of the property containing a meter, owned by the City, that is connected to an irrigation system is to complete an annual backflow certification at the owner’s expense. The backflow device must be a reduced pressure device. The reduced pressure device will require that a drain, of some type, be present prior to installation of the device. The City also reserves the right to stop or pause the use of water for irrigation with a 24 hour notice.

(per Ordinance No. 20-O-3047 passed September 1, 2020)

More Information

The following information is provided by the various organizations involved with providing backflow protection:

American Water Works Association

American Backflow Prevention Program