Cemetery Rates

Columbiana Cemetery Rates

Effective as of June 1, 2022

Grave cost for Residents   $800.00 

Grave cost for Veterans   $600.00 (Resident and Non-Resident )
(Veterans are defined as those in service, or discharged, with honorable conditions, as stated in the Columbiana Cemetery Deed for the Veterans Organizations of Columbiana.)

Grave cost for Non-Residents   $900.00 

Interment Fees including opening and closing: 

Weekdays   $800.00
Saturdays   $950.00
Sundays   $1000.00
Holidays   $1000.00
Baby   $200.00
Baby/Saturday   $500.00
Cremation   $400.00
Cremation/Saturday   $600.00
Disinterment (only permitted Monday-Friday)   $1,200.00
Disinterment Baby (only permitted Monday-Friday)   $900.00
Disinterment Cremation (only permitted Monday-Friday)   $900.00
Oversized Vault  (Based on Service Required)

• The use of the Cemetery Chapel is included in all services.
• If burying multiple cremains in the same grave, each name is charged price.
• There will be no Sunday or Holiday burials unless ordered by the Board of Health.
• An additional fee of $300.00 shall be assessed for funeral services arriving after 3:00 PM.