City Officials


Rick Noel: send an email

Council Members:

Skip Liston, Council President
Ted Souder
Amanda Banner
Dan Dattilio
John Yenges
Ty Graham

Clerk of Council:
Deann L. Davis

City Manager:

Lance Willard

Director of Finance:

Mike Harold

Deputy Director of Finance:

Kevin Smith

Chief of Police:

William Myers

Fire Chief:

Jim Douglas

EMS Supervisor:

Thomas Farley

Civil Service Commission:

Kim Sharshan
Richard Sell
Open seat to be filled.

Planning Commission:

Ted Souder, Chairman
Rick Noel, Mayor
Scott Jones
Jeff Stoy
Open Seat to be filled.

Board of Zoning Appeals:

Mary Ann Pollock
Terry Kelley
Jack Sutherin
Richard Fryda
Linda Linebaugh

Park Recreation and Cemetery Board:

Nancy Tirpak, President
Ron Detwiler
Larry Baughman
Greg Gustafson
Rick Pennell
Randy Guy