The members of the Columbiana Police Department are dedicated to the advancement of community policing and the development of a partnership with our citizens. If you wish to email a member of the department, please click on the ‘Contact us’ tab above.



Chief Tim Gladis
Sgt. Chris Dailey
Sgt. Wade Boley


Detective Ryan Pike


Ptl. Kevin Kloss
Ptl. Jen Calko
Ptl. Mark Edwards
Ptl. Richard Whitfield
Ptl. William Myers
Ptl. Brandon Ericsson
Ptl. Bryan Granchie
Ptl. Marvin Grace
Ptl. Robert Sanchez
Ptl. Mary Kloss
Ptl. Rebecca Nicholson
Ptl. Rich Burbick
Ptl. John Amann
Ptl. Colin Trayes


Emily Yereb
Timothy Yoder
Jordan Bradley
Hannah Hromiko
Crystal Sicklesmith