Columbiana Police Department


Columbiana Police Department

28 South Vine Street
Columbiana, OH 44408

Non-Emergency Phone:

About the Columbiana Police Department

The Columbiana Police Department is currently staffed with a Chief, 2 Sergeants, 17 officers, 10 dispatchers, and 20 Auxiliary officers. The Columbiana Police department is the primary law enforcement provider for the City of Columbiana, Ohio with a jurisdictional area of 6.2 square miles which includes a household population of 6,384.

The Columbiana Police Department dispatches for the Police Department, City Fire and EMS Departments and also acts as a Columbiana County 911 PSAP. The 911 PSAP is the primary answering point for all calls that originate in the City of Columbiana, the Village of Leetonia, and Fairfield Township. Secondary answering point services are provided on an overflow basis to the rest of Columbiana County as needed.

About the Columbiana Auxiliary Police

The Columbiana Auxiliary Police was first formed in 1940′s as a Civil Defense Unit with 22 men.

It was soon boasting 42 members. A few years later, after deciding to part from the “Civil Defense” as the membership wanted to work only in their own community, the “Auxiliary Force” was formed.

The Columbiana Force was the first Auxiliary Unit in the area. Art Carpenter was named commander, and the unit was divided into three squads, with Carpenter leading one, and Sgt. Gene Hanna and Sgt. Herb Scott leading the other two. The Auxiliary unit serves as a backup unit for the Columbiana Police. The Auxiliary force is responsible for all of the traffic and crowd control at all special events held in the city, including the 4th of July Festival, the annual Columbiana Street Fair and Columbiana Christmas Parade. They also assist the regular department during natural disasters and power outages with in the city.