Biodegradable Leaf Bag Distribution Day and Collection/Curbside Leaf Pickup Information

Leaf Bag Distribution Day at E & H Ace Hardware in Columbiana will be on October 7, 2023 from 8am-6pm.  Residents should bring proof of residency to receive their FREE bags.

The City crews will pickup the biodegradable leaf bags at your curbside on the following dates:

  • November 6th
  • November 20th
  • December 4th

Only these free bags will be collected. No other bags will be accepted

Additional bags are available at City Hall, 28 West Friend Street, in the cabinet located outside the city hall front doors from 8am – 430pm, Monday – Friday (while supplies last).

For areas of the city with an abundance of leaves, crews will pickup leaves curbside through December – weather permitting. There is no specific schedule for curbside pickup. 

If you have any questions regarding leaf bags or curbside leaf collection please contact City Hall at 330-482-2173 option 6.



Branch Pick-Up Schedule for October

Branch pickup in the City for the month of October  be the week of October 10-13, 2023 due to  the city crews paving the first week of October.

Place your naturally fallen branches ONLY to the curb and the crews will be around the week of October 10 – 13, 2023

Shrub and/or tree trimming cleanups should not be placed at the curb and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

If you have any questions please contact City Hall at 330-482-2173 option 6.





“Fix the Sticks” – Restoration of the 1890 Stick Style Chapel Project in the Columbiana Cemetery

The Historical Society of Columbiana and Fairfield Township in collaboration with the City of Columbiana is working to restore the 1890 “Stick Style” Chapel in the Columbiana Cemetery.

Timeline History of the Chapel 

The Columbiana Cemetery was established in February 1868.

1867 Ordinance passed to purchase cemetery land.

1868 Cemetery board established.

1889 Committee of Messrs. Solomon Haas & General Holloway appointed to confer with Board in regard to building at the cemetery.

1890 Frank Grove, Paul Mellinger and John Harrold build the 18’ x 28’ Stick Style Architecture chapel to accommodate funeral parties in inclement weather. Built where the mausoleum sits today.

1920 New mausoleum built, stick chapel moved.

1960s Stick chapel turned into an equipment shed. 1971 The current cemetery chapel was built at the bequest of the John Ryan family and located near the War Memorial. Dedicated Memorial Day 1972.

2017 Stick Style chapel received a new roof and upkeep by Jim Santini Builder. $1300 donation from the Upper Room.

2022 Fix the Sticks Restoration Committee established by the Historical Society.

2023 Exterior Restoration complete.


The exterior of the chapel is close to completion. Donations for the exterior were secured by grants, fundraisers, individual and organization donations. As we begin the interior restoration phase of the 1890 chapel, additional donations will be needed. Fundraisers and grant applications are in the works.

Please check out Columbiana and Fairfield Township Historical Society Events.


If you would like to donate to the restoration of the Stick Chapel send your check payable to: “City of Columbiana” with the memo line stating: “Fix the Sticks”

mail to: 28 West Friend St., Columbiana OH 44408 Contributions are tax deductible as a 501(c )( 3) entity.


It is the goal of the Historical Society to once again use the Stick Chapel as a secondary chapel for funeral services. This is one of the last of two historical properties owned by the city.

“It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future.” – William Murtagh


Firestone Park Announces New Facility Reservation System

The Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park in Columbiana is taking their facility reservation system online, effective September 25, 2023.

The new system will allow members of the public to check the availability of and make reservations for the park’s enclosed pavilions and picnic shelters, check the status of their existing reservations, and make credit card payments for those rentals as far as nine months in advance.

The park will still accept cash, check, and money order payments, but people wishing to use those payment methods must call the park office to make their reservation. The new system will require everyone who rents a facility to have an email address in order to receive a receipt or log in to the system to track their reservations, even if they call the office.

Starting on September 25, 2023, the public will be able to access the system from the city website on the Firestone Park and Cemetery page Reservations for January 1, 2024, and later will use the new system, and reservations will be permitted nine months in advance of the rental date. The park’s office staff will be available to answer any questions and help users navigate the online reservation process. The office is open 9:00-3:30, Monday through Friday, and can be reached at (330) 482-2656 or [email protected].

Firestone Park is located at the center of Columbiana and is the recreational cornerstone of the city. Rental facilities include four enclosed pavilions, each with a cooktop, sink, and electricity; three open picnic shelters; and the new Idabelle Firestone’s Gathering Place & Garden, an elegant indoor/outdoor event venue. It’s an ideal place to reconnect with nature with a stroll on the walking trail, let your canine friends romp in the expansive dog park, or enjoy a moment of reflection by Mirror Lake.

Detour on Parkview Drive at Oak Streets | September 19th to September 25th

There will be a detour on Parkview Drive via Oak Street starting September 19th, 2023 for a culvert repair located on Parkview Drive between Oak Streets. The road will reopen on September 25, 2023.

The two Oak Streets are one way on each street normally, but during the culvert repair the streets will become two way to allow for the detour around the repair area on Parkview.

For additional information or concerns please contact City Hall at 330.482.2173 option 6.

Community Energy Savings Days in the City – September 5th and 6th, 2023

City of Columbiana Requests Electric Customers to Voluntarily Reduce Energy Consumption this  Tuesday, September 5, 2023 and Wednesday, September 6,  2023.

As temperatures are expected to reach well into the 90’s in the eastern United States, in the next few days, Columbiana electric customers are being asked to conserve power. “Community Energy Savings Days” is a response program for when demand for electricity is expected to be high. Columbiana customers are requested to voluntarily lower electricity usage during the peak period from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 and Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

Mr. Lance Willard, City Manager for Columbiana, said, “There’s plenty of power available and our grid is in good shape, but if we can conserve during these peak hours, the City can save on transmission and capacity costs next year. Lowering the peak demand will help control electricity rates. We started the Energy Savings Days Program in 2019 and our customers have done a great job doing their part.”

Customers can take simple conservation steps such as: shutting off lights when not needed; unplugging small appliances and electric chargers (especially those with small lights); raising the air conditioner thermostat a degree or two; closing curtains, drapes and blinds; doing laundry and other household chores requiring electricity during hours other than 3:00 PM through 6:00 PM; and turning off televisions, computers, and other electronic devices when not being used.

Mr. Lance Willard has further stated, “As a municipal electric system, owned by its citizens and customers, it is contingent upon those same citizens and customers to keep the electric rates for themselves and all other customers of City of Columbiana as low as possible. Our citizens and customers have the opportunity to make a difference in their system and their rates by conserving energy during these periods. As forecasts dictate throughout the summer, we will most likely be asking our citizens and customers to participate again, as we have had as many as 10 opportunities in past summers to participate

Town Clean-Up Schedule 2023

We are asking that all Residents help to reduce City operating costs by taking their items for town clean to the Metz Road Baseball Field parking lot area where there will be a designated area for item drop- off on August 7th – 11th,  2023.

The drop-off site is located behind the Metz Road Baseball Field parking lot area and will be available Monday-Friday from 7:30 am until 3:00pm with an extended time on Thursday from 7:30 am – 7:00pm.

Please take Photo ID and a recent Utility bill when going to the drop-off location, this will ensure that only City residents will be participating in town clean-up.

For those residents that cannot take their items to the drop-off location, we ask that you place the items to the curb by the morning of August 7th, as crews will only be going past your residence one time.  The curbside clean-up is in STRICTLY enforced zones.

If you fail to have your items to the curb by your designated day, you must take the  items to the drop-off location to be disposed of BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE PICKED UP CURB SIDE IF YOU MISS YOUR DAY. (see zone map chart below)

The Zones can be seen in the Map below and are as follows:

  • Zone 1:  Monday, August 7th
  • Zone 2: Tuesday, August 8th
  • Zone 3: Wednesday, August 9th
  • Zone 4:  Thursday, August 10th.  

There is a 3 large item limit per household. Tires will be accepted but CANNOT be on rims. (LIMIT OF 8 per household)

The city crews will NOT accept the following; Electronics (e.g. TV’s, computer monitors or towers) wet paint, car batteries and any appliances with Freon (e.g.: refrigerators, air conditioners and de-humidifiers).

Please contact the Solid Waste District at 330-596-5000 or visit their website at CCH Solid Waste District for ELECTRONICS and HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE collection days or drop-off locations.

Zone Map | Town Clean-Up 2023