Community Energy Savings Days

The City of Columbiana and American Municipal Power is asking customers to curtail energy usage again this year on Thursday, July 18, 2019 and Friday, July 19, 2019. “Community Energy Savings Days” is a response program for when demand for electricity is expected to be high. The City of Columbiana’s electric utility department is asking residents to conserve electricity between 2pm and 6pm on these days in an attempt to get lower rates for power.

On these day, ways for homeowners and businesses to reduce electrical usage is by using fans, raising the thermostat by several degrees, unplugging electronics that aren’t in use, turning off lights, pulling the shades on windows and operating appliances like washers and dryers after 6pm.

Although conservation is not mandatory, we appreciate any participation. City government offices and buildings will be participating to help with the effort.


Columbiana Nominated for “Nicest Places in America for 2019” – VOTE FOR COLUMBIANA

Reader’s Digest does articles about places like our City. This story showcases the special needs actors at Crown Theater Productions and the wonderful community here in Columbiana.

Read the great Article on Readers Digest’s website, “Nicest Places in America 2019: Ohio Columbiana – Finalist”

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State Route Paving Project within the City of Columbiana

All state routes within the City of Columbiana within Columbiana County will be paved. The  1.7 million dollar project will cost the City about 365k dollars with the balance from ODOT.

The project is starting on the east end of town on Route 7 and the eastern end of Route 14. The project will then move west on Route 14 then to Main Street and finally finish out through the square and out West Park Avenue.

Milling of the roads started last week and will continue depending on weather. The milling and paving of the roads will be performed at night to cut down on traffic issues. During the milling and paving there will be noise as the crews work through the area typically moving through an area in one or two nights.



CRA Tax Abatement Program

The purpose of the CRA is to encourage revitalization of the existing housing and building stock and the construction of new structures.



  • Residential applicants will pick up an application (CRA Form 1) when applying for a building permit. Residential applicants will have 1 year from completion of project to complete application, in order to have it filed with the county auditor.


  • Prior to construction business applicants will pick up and fill out an application (CRA Form 1 and CRA Form 2).
  • The business may begin construction of its facility after steps 1-12 of the business process (CRA Form 2) are completed.
  • All commercial and industrial projects are required to comply with the state application fee, presently $750.00, requirements of ORC Section 3735.672 (C) and the local annual monitoring fee of one percent of the amount of taxes exempted under the agreement – a minimum of $500 up to a maximum of $2500 annually unless waived.


Please click below for the applicable forms. Residential applicants need to fill out form 1 only and business/commercial applicants need to fill out forms 1 and 2. Completed forms should be filed with City Hall.  If you have further questions, please contact City Hall at 330-482-2173.

Community Reinvestment Area Fact Sheet

CRA Residential Application (Form 1)

CRA Business Application (Form 2)

Gas Aggregation Program for City Residents-Change of Supplier

Starting March 1, 2019 and continuing for 24 months, through February 28. 2021 the City’s Natural Gas Aggregation supplier will be changing from the current supplier Interstate Gas Supply(IGS) to VOLUNTEER ENERGY. The new rate will be .3855 per ccf.

All City residents will be  automatically enrolled into the Gas Aggregation Program unless you choose to “opt out”. Once in the program you will be able to choose to leave at any time if you feel you are not receiving the best rate available and there will be no penalties.

All City residents will receive a letter which outlines all of the terms. The opt out portion will be attached to this letter  if you choose to do so.

A sample of the letter that residents will receive can be viewed here. Volunteer Energy Sample Letter

If you have any questions regarding the Natural Gas Aggregation Program please contact City Hall at 330-482-2173.


Columbiana County Community Housing Impact & Preservation Program(CHIP)


The PY 2016 Columbiana County Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP) program will begin accepting applications on November 1, 2016.

Funding is available to assist Columbiana County homeowners in need of home repairs and housing rehabilitation. The CHIP program is funded through the Ohio Development Services Agency. The grant is a partnership between the Columbiana County Board of Commissioners, City of Columbiana, City of East Liverpool, and the City of Salem. Funding has been budgeted to each of these communities to provide assistance under the CHIP program.
To be eligible, the home must be located in Columbiana County and used as the primary residence of the homeowner, have a household with a total gross anticipated annual income of less than 80% of the Area Median Income. (Example: a family of three must have an income at or below $39,900), current on property tax, and meet secondary eligibility items associated with the home itself. This may include items such as maximum value and ability to address the required repairs with maximum funding allocations.
Complete applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis taking into account the health and safety repairs needed.

In addition to the repair assistance, the program will also provide homeownership assistance that includes down payment/closing cost assistance, and housing rehabilitation.

To apply, please contact the following organization listed according to the area your home is located.
If the home is located within the City limits of East Liverpool or Salem, please contact Hall Community Development LLC, 635 Bachtel St. SE, North Canton, Ohio 44720 or call 330-499-8266.
For all other areas of Columbiana County, including the City of Columbiana, please contact the Community Action Agency of Columbiana County, Inc., 7860 Lincole Place (lower level), Lisbon, Ohio 44432 or call 330-424-4013.