PVT Harold Leroy Firestone

Harold LeRoy Firestone was one of many that Columbiana sent to WW2. He was CHS graduate, enlisted, sent to Europe and was killed in action 8 Sep 1944 in Dornot France. His is one of many names of Columbiana and Fairfield Township men listed on the war Memorial in Columbiana cemetery.

Internet Research

Find A Grave is a free site and you will find photos of Harold L. Firestone, obituary and information of family members. GPS is recorded to help you locate the stone in the cemetery.

ancestry.com “Firestone, Pvt Harold L Family Tree” The creator and manager of this tree is Deborah Himes. This tree was created specifically for Joshua Dixon students. The tree will give basic records to help the student find facts about Pvt. Firestone. Census records, military records etc.

Lepper Library will give you access to early Columbiana county newspapers and the Morning Journal

Columbiana Library

Check the various books of the research for Firestone Microfilm of the Columbiana Ledger and earlier newspapers Dates to be searched:

Historical Society

Surname search of the Vertical files will have various articles & information The Torch 1941, 1940, 1939 for class photos
Scrapbook of Pvt Firestone has been shared with the society from the Firestone Family

Harold grew up at 209 Union Street, Columbiana next door to his grandfather Mentzer. went to work at NRM with his father. member of the Grace Church.

Research Documents

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