Alexander Crozier Bell Jr.

Alexander Crozier Bell or AC Bell as he was known around town, was the telegrapher, Rail Express Agent, first free fair chairman, and long time Mayor of Columbiana. He instituted many improvements to the village of Columbiana

Internet Research

Alexander Crozier Bell on Find A Grave, a free site and you will find photos of AC Bell, obituary and information of family members. GPS is recorded to help you locate the area in the cemetery. (there is no stone for AC and his sisters, but the location is known) “Bell, Mayor AC Family Tree” The creator and manager of this tree is Deborah Himes. This tree was created specifically for Joshua Dixon students. The tree will give basic records to help the student find facts about AC Bell.

Lepper Library will give you access to early Columbiana County newspapers and the Morning Journal

Columbiana Library

Check the various books of the Research Department for the Bell family Microfilm of the Columbiana Ledger and earlier newspapers.
Dates to be searched: 1857; 27 sep 1894; 5 Nov 1894; 22 Nov 1894

Historical Society

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