Energy Saving Days Extended for the remainder of this week through Friday June 21, 2024

City of Columbiana Requests Electric Customers to Voluntarily Reduce Energy Consumption throughout the rest of the week due to the high temperatures.

As temperatures are expected to reach well into the 90’s in the eastern United States, in the next few days, Columbiana electric customers are being asked to conserve power.  “Community Energy Savings Days” is a response program for when demand for electricity is expected to be high.

Columbiana customers were asked to voluntarily lower electricity usage during the peak period from  3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday, June 17, 2024 and Tuesday, June 18, 2024 and are now being asked to extend this until Friday, June 21, 2024 from 2pm-6pm each day. 

Mr. Lance Willard, City Manager for Columbiana, said, “There’s plenty of power available and our grid is in good shape, but if we can conserve during these peak hours, the City can save on transmission and capacity costs next year. Lowering the peak demand will help control electricity rates. We started the Energy Savings Days Program in 2019 and our customers have done a great job doing their part.”

Customers can take simple conservation steps such as: shutting off lights when not needed; unplugging small appliances and electric chargers (especially those with small lights); raising the air conditioner thermostat a degree or two; closing curtains, drapes and blinds; doing laundry and other household chores requiring electricity during hours other than 3:00   PM through 6:00 PM; and turning off televisions, computers, and other electronic devices when not being used.

Mr. Lance Willard has further stated, “As a municipal electric system, owned by its citizens and customers, it is contingent upon those same citizens and customers to keep the electric rates for themselves and all other customers of City of Columbiana as low as possible. Our citizens and customers have the opportunity to make a difference in their system and their rates by conserving energy during these periods. As forecasts dictate throughout the summer, we will most likely be asking our citizens and customers to participate again, as we have had as many as 10 opportunities in past summers to participate.”