Ephraim Holloway

Brigadier General Ephraim Holloway, Civil War veteran, newspaperman, attorney and served two terms as Columbiana County’s state representative.

Internet Research

Find a Grave  is a free site and you will find photo of Ephraim Holloway, obituary and information of family members. GPS is recorded to help you locate the stone in the cemetery.

ancestry.com : “Holloway, General Ephraim S Family Tree”. The creator and manager of this tree is Deborah Himes. This tree was created specifically for Joshua Dixon students. The tree will give them basic records to help the student find facts about Mr. Holloway. Census records, military records etc.

Holloway co-wrote a book about his military service: The Forty First Ohio Veteran Volunteer

Lepper Library will give you access to early Columbiana County newspapers and the Morning Journal

Columbiana Library:

Check the various books of the research section for Holloway Microfilm of the Columbiana Ledger and earlier newspapers

Historical Society:

Surname search of the Vertical files will have various articles and information “Grace Church, Columbiana 1814-2014” book

General Holloway artifacts, family photo, military items on permanent display in Log House Museum

1871 Ephraim Holloway purchased the Columbiana Independent Register 1877 Admitted to the bar

1878 Ephraim Holloway co-wrote a book with Robert L Kimberly “The Forty- First Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion: 1861-1865”

Ephraim Holloway’s mother was Lydia Ann Dixon, daughter of John Dixon brother to Joshua Dixon.  John and Joshua were the landowners of the village of Columbiana.

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