Gas Aggregation Program for City of Columbiana Residents

Starting  with  your April  2021 billing cycle  through March 2023  billing cycle the City’s Natural Gas Aggregation supplier will remain with  VOLUNTEER ENERGY. The new rate will be .4765 per ccf. (originally $.405 per Ccf), increased due to charges arising from FERC Rate Case RP20-1060 effective February 1, 2021. Columbiana Gas is still your utility and will continue to provide monthly billing and service.

All City residents will be  automatically enrolled into the Gas Aggregation Program unless you choose to “opt out”. Once in the program you will be able to choose to leave at any time if you feel you are not receiving the best rate available and there will be no penalties.

All City residents will receive a letter which outlines all of the terms. The opt out portion will be attached to this letter  if you choose to do so.

A sample of the letter that residents will receive can be viewed here. Volunteer Energy Sample Welcome Letter

If you have any questions regarding the Natural Gas Aggregation Program please contact City Hall at 330-482-2173 option 6.