City Drinking Water Update to Address Residents and Business Owners Inquiries

In light of the Train Derailment that occurred in the Village of East Palestine, the City of Columbiana has been fielding calls this week from our city residents and business owners regarding the safety of our drinking water.  We are in contact with the Ohio EPA and the US EPA, as they regulate water, soil, and air contamination.  We have a good partnership with both agencies, in order to provide our residents with clean safe drinking water.  So far, we have been advised that there is no threat to our source water and air quality tests indicate no cause for concern.

We obtain our water from 11 wells throughout our community before treating the water at a state of the art water treatment plant.   Our wells are in completely separate aquifers from where the incident occurred and our wells are not directly impacted by surface water so we have no reason to believe that our source water has been impacted by this incident.  Out of abundance of caution, we have increased our sampling regime to ensure that we have not been negatively impacted by the incident.

Our local EPA representative offered the following information that may be helpful in answering other related questions.

Taggert Rd. Incident Hotline (234) 542-6474

US EPA has been performing air monitoring in response to the derailment. Information specific to the derailment, including air monitoring results, is available on their webpage:

Site Profile – East Palestine Train Derailment – EPA OSC Response