Blessing Box on the Columbiana Circle donated by Local Family

Blessing Box on the Columbiana Circle donated by local family.

Shirley Elosh and her family live in beautiful Columbiana.  Shirley wanted a Blessing Box for her church.  But where do you go to have one made? They didn’t have the tools or equipment to take this endeavor on. So she began talking about this desire and need to everyone.

They ended up being blessed with two beautifully crafted Blessing Boxes.

Two different, dedicated groups of men who loved to work with wood, planned, bought all the materials needed and desiring no payment or notoriety, whatsoever, put the two boxes together and then delivered them.

One of them went straight to her church and has been filled with cans and boxes of food by different volunteers and has been a blessing to the local community.

The other box, equally beautiful, sat in her garage for the past three months, waiting for an assignment.

Now, we do have other organizations and churches and individuals who reach out and help those in need in our community, but this Blessing box is just one more way to help.

Shirley contacted Columbiana City Hall and we have place the box on the Columbiana circle for the community and anyone in need.

Volunteers will be filling the box, each taking turns,  but ANYONE is able to add or remove articles from the box.

There are some “rules” of what can and cannot be placed in this box.

Frozen articles, milk products, meat, eggs, or cheeses cannot be placed with this box.

What is needed are articles like; Toilet Paper, toothbrushes, shampoo, soaps, wipes, deodorant, etc.

The food articles could be boxes spaghetti, tuna, canned veggies, canned meats, rice, noodles, canned soups, gravy, any packets of food, individual servings, etc.

Even articles like diapers, baby wipes could be very helpful for folks at this time.

Avoid putting anything in glass jars for safety purposes. Leave nothing on top of the box.

What a beautiful blessing this will be for folks who are in need and those who give will be blessed, too!

Special thanks go to the  men who did all the work with the boxes. These men do not want to be known, but our gratitude and prayers go to them.