Town-Cleanup 2020 will be held August 3rd – August 7th


We are asking that all Residents help to reduce City operating costs by taking their items for town clean up to the park where there will be a designated location and time to drop off the items August 3rd –  7th , 2020.

The drop off site will be available Monday-Friday from 7:30 am until 3:00pm and will be open Thursday 7:30 am -7:00pm.   Please take Photo ID and a recent Utility bill when going to the park, this will ensure that only City residents will be participating in town clean-up.

For those residents that cannot take their items to the park, we ask that you place the items to the curb by the morning of August 3rd .

City employees will be doing curbside clean-up in STRICTLY enforced zones.

If you fail to have your items to the curb by your designated day, you must take items to the park to be disposed of BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE PICKED UP CURB SIDE.

The Zones can be seen in the Map below.   Zone 1 will be picked up on Monday, August 3rd , Zone 2 will be picked up on Tuesday, August 4th , Zone 3 will be picked up on Wednesday, August 5th , and Zone 4 will be picked up on Thursday, August 6th. 

There is a 3 large item limit per household. Tires will be accepted but CANNOT be on rims. (Limit of 8 per household)

The city crews will NOT accept the following; Electronics (e.g. TV’s, computer monitors or towers) wet paint, car batteries and any appliances with Freon (e.g.: refrigerators, air conditioners and de-humidifiers).

Please contact the Solid Waste District at 330-627-7311 or visit their website at   regarding ELECTRONICS and HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE collection days or drop-off locations.