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There are three types of messages that we issue, and you can elect to receive any or all of them as we distribute them.   An ALERT is reserved for critically important information.  ALERTS are time sensitive and we usually will ask that residents take immediate action to help authorities or protect themselves.  ALERTS include things like severe weather warnings, missing child reports, gas line leaks, disease outbreaks and any significant and imminent danger to the public where quick action is required.  An ADVISORY is intended to communicate important, need-to-know information that requires a heightened sense of awareness from our residents.  ADVISORIES include things like real time police activity, road closures, wanted suspects, school closings, traffic congestion, etc.  A COMMUNITY MESSAGE is used to convey everyday local news and happenings and will not contain any urgent or time-critical information.  COMMUNITY MESSAGES are informational and include things like crime prevention tips, the police blotter, community updates, event reminders, etc.

Once you register by clicking the NIXLE button above, you can decide which of these levels you wish to receive.  You can elect to receive all of them or just one or two, depending on how much information you want and how often you wish to be notified.  Residents should elect to receive ALERT level messages at a minimum to ensure that critical safety information is received as soon as possible.