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Council Members:

Lowell Schloneger, President
Mary Calinger
Richard McBane
Dan Bekar
Ted Souder
Richard Simpson

Clerk of Council:

Deann L. Davis

City Manager:

Lance Willard

Director of Finance:

Mike Harold

Chief of Police:

Tim Gladis

Fire Chief:

Richard Garrity

EMS Supervisor:

Thomas Farley

Civil Service Commission:

Richard A. Noel
April Brinker
Patricia LaLonde

Planning Commission:

Bryan Blakeman, Mayor
Richard Simpson
Donna Bekar
Crystal Siembida Boggs
Richard A. Noel

Board of Zoning Appeals:

Peggy Oberholtzer
Mary Ann Pollock
Terry Kelley
Jack Sutherin
Richard Barto

Park Recreation and Cemetery Board:

Ron Detwiler, President
Pat MacAleese
Nancy Tirpak
Greg Gustafson
Larry Baughman
Jeff Jackson

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